Powerful Analytics:

  • Reliable & Trusted: Hardened in the field since 2008 with 18 software releases and thousands of dedicated users.
  • Scalable: Effortlessly toggle between single computer, streaming, and big data executions. Integrate new capabilities on top of, alongside, or within your existing infrastructure.
  • Room to Grow: Extend the capabilities with our commercial extensions for collaboration, performance, and productivity when you’re ready to take your analytics to the next step.

Data & Tool Blending:

  • Data Blending: simple text files, databases, documents, images, networks, and even Hadoop based data can all be combined within the same visual workflow.
  • Tool Blending: Python, R, SQL, and Java scripting nodes enable legacy code & expertise to be reused, graphically documented, and shared among data scientists.
  • Visual: Easy-to-learn graphical interface means that coding is optional and work is visually documented.

Open Platform:

  • Unrestricted Open Source: Our latest complete code released twice per year under GPLv3 license, supported on major operating systems. The only restriction is your creativity.
  • Open Platform: Your innovation is amplified by bringing our massive world-wide community of data scientists to your most difficult analytics problems.
  • Portable: Industry-leading PMML support allows effortless model portability & deployment.